Friday, July 18, 2008

The orbituary

I lost my baby
What can be more unhappy?
What a mom I am
Don't even remember it's name!

no...I didn't have a secret lover whose child I bore!!
Its an idea that I lost....I know many who fancy themselves as writers can understand exactly how I must be feeling.

It was just before lunch today that I thought nobody could stop me from winning the Nobel prize for literature now...what a brilliant idea it was!( hey, what's wrong in dreaming?).But before I yielded to my literary urges I gave in to my gastronomical demands.

The less-than-ordinary lunch in the hostel mess, a 'hi' here and a 'bye' there took me away from my "baby"....and before I realised I had forgotten all about writing it.The thought had got drowned in the violent red of Ram Singh's curry.

By the time I came back to my room the site of my study table reminded me of the "brilliant idea" I had left unattended, unprotected by the covers of my diary....."drats! now I can't even recall the title I had intended to give to my unwritten poem!"

I tried hard...I tried everything...recalling each and every thought that had passed through my mind since morning...I even untied my hair, burried my head in my pillow, was in a position anyone could have mistaken for a yogasana...hehe....but it didn't tumble out of my brain.

I know it's there,.. still there....hope it can, someday, come out of the tangles of my neurons!

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