Saturday, September 6, 2008


It was a perfectly bad day...everything going the way other than the one I intended!

So I decided to lick my wounds in the comforting darkness of a movie theatre...along with two victims of my whimsical plan for a movie( I literally pulled them out of their afternoon siesta!).

There we were, standing in front of the supposedly best movie hall in north campus ( I can't help but mention the fact that movie-lovers would have felt marooned here had it not been for the Delhi metro) after a bumpy rickshaw ride, which reminded us we had been skipping the gym for quite some time. And guess what,....... it was "Phoonk" which was being screened and not "Rock on!"(now come on, how do I know the "Batra glitz" in the movie schedule is not our "beloved" Batra of north campus?!!). The three of us kept staring at the movie banner wishing something would happen and "Phoonk" would change to "Rock on!". After much brain-storming we finally decided to let RGV scare us a bit.

One step into the "chitra mandir" and I decided never to treat any of my south delhi friends to a movie in north campus( there are other distractions here...Kamala nagar and "momos point" zindabad!). The nauseating musty smell made me wonder if I would last till the end of the movie, though it was really comfortable with lots of space to stretch out our legs( did I mention two-thirds of the hall was empty?)

Then the torture began....would somebody please tell RGV that its not just low camera angles, going-round-and-round-the-actors( it does nothing more than making us dizzy) and close-ups of animal figurines ( may be in a hope that they would start doing an item number to save the fate of his movie) which makes a horror movie scary? Whenever the irritating background score allowed us to hear the mediocre dialogues we got the chance to give our ears a break. To tell you frankly, I got spooked only once during the entire movie in the mirror-walla scene. And one of my unlucky companions did the honours of reminding everyone that it was a horror movie that we were watching by shrieking at the top of her voice.

Then there was the very confusing message of the movie....what were these people actually trying to tell us, were they trying to testify the existence of black magic and all ( we can argue on this on some other post in the near future). No, thank you RGV, we really don't need to strengthen the grip of such beliefs from which science has been struggling to free us in the past many decades. By saying this, I am not denying the prevalance of such things in some quarters of our society but "Phoonk" was definitely not a sensible take on the subject.

Much bored, we were relieved when the movie ended, though the splitting headache as an after-taste of the experience was the last thing we had hoped for. What's more, the clinging hope I had pinned on the movie to redeem my day was extinguished with a "phoonk"!