Thursday, February 18, 2010

an elegy written in a science lab

I don't have anything in particular to write about. Say what about writing something on not having anything to write?

Today's been one of the tougher days...bored with the task at hand, feeling lethargic, having a headache, feeling queasy at the sight of my computer, with a presentation to give next week. What a day!

So this happens to be one of those days when you feel your nose is getting crushed under the weight of your spectacles( ask any "framed" person to know what exactly I'm talking about).

I haven't had anything to write about since quite some time now. When your mind is buzzing with incoherent thoughts, which will make little sense even when expressed to people whose feedback matters to you, you really don't feel like writing. The beauty of random thoughts has been brushed aside by the exactness of science.

These are times when you cuss yourself for having started a blog.
Times when you want to write something which says something important,
when you feel you need to write a "good one" after not having written in a long time... but nothing really sensible comes out of your mind.

Now I wonder whether I should post this one or not.

The problem is I'm not feeling good

But the bigger problem is I can't stay sad for a long time. :-P

So guys, this is to feeling-bad-but-not-knowing-how-to-feel-bad! Cheers! ...brb ;-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


May this year throw more lemons at you and you be busy opening vodkas! May you party each day of the year. Celebrate bindass-ly!!!
Just kidding…but I mean the last part from the depth of my heart.
Guys, last year has been truly rocking. Don’t worry; I’m not going to give you another uninteresting what-interesting-things-happened-last-year report. Let me just be safe talking about myself and my world.

Personally, 2009 had been a significant year. Finally, student life is over and now I’m banging my head in a research lab in my quest to become a scientist (don’t laugh, man! Ok, fine…I might as well end up teaching in some college). But mind you, unlike many others, I’m not missing living a student’s life one bit. The best part of working is NO MORE EXAMS (sigh! Am I only dreaming?). And the BEST-est part is I’m in a lab where I’m my own boss working on my own part of the project, finally I’ve got the chance to work the way I want to. Touch wood!

I just hope to keep riding the high tides and bending a few rules. ;-P and hope the same for you all guys…have good times ahead.