Thursday, July 10, 2008

If at first you don't succeed, try, try,try again...

This is my second attempt.
nah! am not talking about UPSC exams. Well...this is my second attempt at starting my own blog.

What stopped me the first time round? was just the thought of spending (read, wasting) time writing and maintaining a blog, but more was the thought that I'ld have to write on a compulsion of making my blog updated( this being just one of the many manifestations of my hatred towards compulsions, forced boundaries....lets talk about this sometime later). But what the heck! There are people who post on their blogs once a year....I can write as much or as little as I want!!

The major thrust came from my having to spend whole days working on a summer project, right here, in front of the computer- the door to my dream blog.Resisting the urge to write has been futile and time-consuming( I need lesser time to write a thing than to try to desist and put it out of my mind)

So, here I go again....on my second not talking about UPSC exams, man!

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