Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tectonic revenge on the statue of unity!

Built on shaky grounds
Your statue, tallest in the world
Of lifeless concrete.
They might agree but I don't.
Enlisting peoples with guns and might
Do not a nation make.
I won't join the chorus
When the country sing 
Paeans to the iron man.
I shall laugh and blow
The snot from my sinuses
When Nature takes her course
Taking you down in one shift
Of the tectonic plates
As if in one amorous turn
The whore of GB road
Shook you off like a used condom
From her stained shamed sheets.
You deserve no more than a blowjob
From the castrated eunuch monarch
Who wrote off lives and dreams
Of a throbbing populace
Leaving behind throngs of patriarchs
Moral guardians of an assumed identity
Bastards born out of wedlock
When the thugs left their impregnated
Wide-eyed whores in charge
Of sissies who know no more
Than singing in temples
Or shooting down their kins
With bullets or words
It matters not when bloodshed
Leaves astray amputated spirits
In piles on heaps of dung
In some cesspool where
The dogs and starved bastards
Fight over pieces of shit
Dragging sanity down into the whirlpool
Of the stinking sludge of pandemonium.

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