Sunday, March 22, 2015

To you, with love

Let me kiss you once more
As in the days of yore
The crimson of your face
I might never match
But let me try.
Let me catch the golden sighs
And the sweet moans.

Let me plant a kiss on your brow
The flicker of your lash-
Is it pink,
Or a hue uncertain?

Here, place your palm on my bosom warm,
Let me set you ablaze- a fiery red,
Mellowed down to a shimmer,
Amber, the orange will last longer.

Let me drench you in my love, my love,
Mix this violet and blue
And a happy yellow too, before it dries 
A rainbow for you dear, all seven colours true.

Something's missing,
Please don't cry,
I stole an indigo from the sky
For a glimpse of your smile.

Let me satiate you with a green
Which shade will you have?
Emeralds and bowers in spring
Pale before the colour I can feel.

Ah! Here it is
Green of the ocean deep
Unfathomable as my feelings deep
A brush here and a touch there and a final kiss.

I'll come back again my love,
Your picture in my heart I bear
I'll hang it on my wall, dear
To remind me of the love we made
I'll surely come back for more dear.

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