Thursday, January 7, 2010


May this year throw more lemons at you and you be busy opening vodkas! May you party each day of the year. Celebrate bindass-ly!!!
Just kidding…but I mean the last part from the depth of my heart.
Guys, last year has been truly rocking. Don’t worry; I’m not going to give you another uninteresting what-interesting-things-happened-last-year report. Let me just be safe talking about myself and my world.

Personally, 2009 had been a significant year. Finally, student life is over and now I’m banging my head in a research lab in my quest to become a scientist (don’t laugh, man! Ok, fine…I might as well end up teaching in some college). But mind you, unlike many others, I’m not missing living a student’s life one bit. The best part of working is NO MORE EXAMS (sigh! Am I only dreaming?). And the BEST-est part is I’m in a lab where I’m my own boss working on my own part of the project, finally I’ve got the chance to work the way I want to. Touch wood!

I just hope to keep riding the high tides and bending a few rules. ;-P and hope the same for you all guys…have good times ahead.

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